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About Mizzuu

MIZZUU was founded by On Kee Chan, aiming at design and manufacturing of premium, minimal wear, made on earth to the highest standards with partner manufacturies across the globe.

Here we focus not only on quality certified fabrics but on development on our partnerships in terms of working standards and certifications.


Born and raised bilingual (German/Chinese) in Cologne, Germany in the 80s, she was shaped by two completely different cultures: Traditional Hong Kong Chinese roots, driven by hard work, discipline, performance, consciousness, self esteem and pride: Everything in life is achievable with burning ambition. Influenced by the western culture with German virtues, like accountability, a fair mind, courage and precision.

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After years of work for bigger brands as garments technician and product manager, sourcer and buyer, OKC provides a complete set of know-how and established her own fashion brand Mizzuu, with focus on quality, fit and function, with responsibility and burning ambition.

Inspired by the Zurich lifestyle, influenced by the techno scene in Frankfurt and backed by Hong Kong Chinese tradition, Mizzuu is driven by minimalist design, sustainable materials and perfect fit.

We love you becoming a part of it!