MIZZUU was founded by On Kee Chan, aiming at design and manufacturing of premium, minimal wear, made in Europe with the highest standards. Born and raised bilingual (German/Chinese) in Cologne, Germany in the 80s, she was shaped by two completely different cultures.

Traditional Hong Kong Chinese roots, driven by hard work, discipline, performance, consciousness, self esteem and pride: Everything in life is achievable with burning ambition. Influenced by the western culture with German virtues, like accountability, a fair mind, courage and precision.

After years of work experience as garments technician, product manager global sourcing and buyer, she provides a complete set of know-how and established her own fashion label MIZZUU, with focus on quality, fit and function, always with attention to corporate responsibility.

In 2015 she her dream comes true – her own premium brand MIZZUU.

Inspired by the Zurich lifestyle, influenced by the clubbing scene in Frankfurt and strengthened by Hong Kong Chinese tradition – the MIZZUU products are defined by minimalistic design, long lasting materials and a perfect fit!

Enjoy the minimalist appeal, quality craft and the best of fabric.